Meredith Moore

Friday Five: "Fiona" and Other Diversions

Another chilly spring afternoon, another late-in-the-day Friday Five! 

1) My sprained ankle is finally feeling *almost* back to 100%. I'm still babying it a little, because this is that delicate period when it's so easy to overdo things and prolong the recovery, but wow it feels good to not be limping around! 

2) On that note, I just got back from a new yoga class, and it's really nice to be moving at almost-full-out capacity. Plus, I haven't wheel-posed (that's a backbend) in a while, and I was still able to push up today without too much of a struggle. So, yay! 

3) Good news for a loved one. Can't talk about it yet, but I'm smiling. 

4) I had a lovely meeting with my agent yesterday where we chatted about my next couple projects. Hopefully you'll get to hear more about them soon, but for the moment: I am writing—a lot—and I am excited. 

5) This week's reading: another sophomore release for a Fearless Fifteener friend! Meredith Moore's FIONA is a modern-gothic thriller-romance set in Scotland. It's got castles and family secrets and bumps in the night and, of course, an eligible bachelor who's drawn to our heroine despite having many reasons not to succumb to her charms. Oh...the plot? Fiona takes a job as an au pair for the daughter of her mother's childhood best friend. Fiona's mom was mentally ill, and took her life several years ago, so Fiona is desperate to connect with any family or family friends she has left. But all is not as it seems—especially when Fiona starts hearing and seeing strange things in the castle and on the grounds. Is she following in her mother's footsteps—or is someone trying to make her think she's going crazy? Who would do that, and why? This is a lush page-turner, and it's out now. 

What's good in your world this week?