Watch This Space for News!

Hi, friends. It’s been… well, according to the date of the entry below this one, I haven’t written a new blog post in over a year! Yikes.

As you might have guessed, writing and editing books, and doing lots of freelance writing, while also being an almost full-time mom…doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. That’s why I’ve decided to convert this page to a News space, instead. If there’s something exciting happening in my world, or if I’ve got something coming up that you should know about, you’ll find a post about it here!

Diane McCarthy dance concert.jpg

For example, I’m performing in a dance concert in a week and a half, for choreographer Diane McCarthy and alongside many wonderful friends from my NYC dance community. I was asked to join this project back in May, when another dancer had to step out of the cast, and it has been a blast rehearsing (and getting back into performing shape post-baby!). If you’re local to NYC, I’d love to see your smiling face in the audience! The show is November 9, 10, and 11, and tickets are available HERE.


In other news…today is Halloween! And although this will definitely be a more professional space going forward, I can’t resist sharing a photo of my adorable baby dressed up as Supergirl. I hope your Halloween is similarly super!


It's the Final Countdown...

Did your brain immediately add "Da-da-da-da...da-da-da-da-da!" to the title of this post? Mine did. (If that question made no sense to you, Google "Final Countdown" by Europe to hear what I'm talking about.) 

Anyway, I am officially just over three weeks away from this baby's due date! Seriously—my husband and I are about to be parents

I can't wait. :) 

Here's me and the Bump at 33 weeks. I'm now approaching 37 weeks, so add a couple inches to this photo! o_0

Here's me and the Bump at 33 weeks. I'm now approaching 37 weeks, so add a couple inches to this photo! o_0

But wait we must! So during this final, oh-so-long month, I've been busy catching up and getting ahead. I've got the rest of my pre-parenting to-do list: Pack my hospital bag! Cook and freeze meals for later! Send thank-you notes to all of the wonderful people who've bought our little girl gifts! Organize her clothes dresser, and figure out where to store all those bibs and burp cloths! (Fitting a baby into a Brooklyn one-bedroom is no joke...) 

Meanwhile, I've also been filing my last few freelance assignments before I take a newborn hiatus—as of today, I only have one article revision left on my plate. And then there's that middle-grade book manuscript I've been toiling away on for the past eight-or-so months. I sent the third(ish?) draft to my agent two weeks ago, and I'm waiting with bated breath to find out if she likes what I did to it, based on her prior notes. The hope is that her comments at this point will be minimal, and that I can tackle any further edits before June 18, a.k.a. Due-Date Day—or before the baby decides to show up, whichever comes first. Cross your fingers for me... 

Life is about to change, big-time. I've done my best to be prepared, but I know nothing will ever truly make me ready to hold my daughter for the first time—or to handle all of the firsts that will follow. It's going to be a crazy summer. Wish me and my husband luck! 

(Oh, and as far as the blog goes: there are more prescheduled YA Buccaneers–recycled posts coming your way, but otherwise I have no idea what else I'll have time or energy to post. If you really want updates, probably best to follow me on Twitter or Instagram!) 

See you on the other side of parenthood... :)