Friday Five: Anniversaries and Great New Reads and Comfort Books

It's been one of those weeks. Very *February.* Cold and gray and a little bit blah. But here are some good things! 

1) Today marks seven years since my husband and I went on our first date. I know most people don't commemorate their dating anniversary, but since ours falls so close to Valentine's Day, we always remember the date. (Plus, celebrating on the 12th means avoiding the V-Day craziness at local restaurants!) Tonight, we're doing dinner and a movie in Manhattan. Seven years ago, it was French food at a cute restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I had a nasty cold, so we called it a night fairly early, but I was excited and hopeful to see him again—once the snot cleared! (There's more to this story about our early dating mishaps, but I'll save it for another time...) 

2) One of the best cures for the "blahs" is to pull out an old favorite book that I know will make me smile. One of my top comfort reads is Stephanie Perkins' ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, which, if you don't already know, is a sweet teen romance set at a boarding school in Paris. It never fails to make me swoon. This week, it was exactly what I needed to break out of a funk. 

3) I also finished reading Lee Kelly's A CRIMINAL MAGIC this week, and it was spectacular. (Remember the speakeasy launch party I went to last week?) If you like alternate-history fantasy, or the 1920s in general, or books about magic—or just exciting, well-written books!—definitely pick this one up. 

4) This week has been yoga boot-camp. By tomorrow afternoon, I will have taken six yoga classes (plus two dance classes) in nine days! Unfortunately, it's because my yoga studio is closing (with the intention of reopening at an as-yet-TBD location), so this is a mixed good thing/sad thing. But you can't argue with the benefits of that much yoga in such a short time. 

5) Did I mention where my husband and I are going for dinner tonight? Blue Smoke is one of my favorite BBQ places in NYC—and as a southerner, I care about the quality of my BBQ. Pulled pork, here I come! 

What's been making you happy this week?