From Coney Island to the Bronx Zoo—in Pictures

The blog is back, after a week off! I just couldn't bear to move "Announcing...My Book Deal!!!" away from the top slot. But after the weekend I just had, I knew my blog hiatus was over. I have to share pictures from one of the most epic NYC Adventure Weekends my husband and I have had in a while. (Also, one of the first completely work-free weekends I've had in far too long!) So prepare yourself: Pictures Ahead! On Saturday, Justin and I went down to Coney Island to check out the Mermaid Parade. I've wanted to go for years, and this year the timing actually worked out. We were prepared for crazy costumes and crowds, and we weren't disappointed! We got there early to snag a prime spot. I slathered myself in sunscreen. And then we proceeded to have a great time. The pictures below are only a fraction of what I took, and a fraction of the awesomeness we saw! But you'll get a taste:

It's the Mermaid Parade!

This is Miss Coney Island

An octopus up close

A lovely group (school?) of mini-mermaids

A seahorse? Or just a sexy horse?

A clownfish?

Cartwheeling baton twirlers!

And...these guys...

This guy is a giant lobster creature, complete with moving claw arms

Avengers Assemble!

When we were all paraded out, Justin and I rode rides at Luna Park and walked on the beach. This was Justin's first visit to Coney Island, so I wanted to make sure he got the total experience! The only things we missed were the Cyclone (couldn't get there around the parade crowds) and Nathan's Hot Dogs (the line was so long, and we were so hungry...). But since Coney Island is only a subway ride away, I'm sure we'll be back.

View from inside the Wonder Wheel, which has been in operation since 1920

Another view from the Wonder Wheel

We rode the Soarin' Eagle—and it was awesome!

Me, barefoot and windblown, on the beach

Justin catching some waves

Enjoying the beach and the sunshine together

His and hers sandal tans

On Sunday, we joined some friends for a trip to the Bronx Zoo. I didn't take nearly as many pictures—the Mermaid Parade's costumes were, let's face it, a lot more exciting than some of the hot, sleeping animals—but we still had a blast. I love going to the zoo! Here are a few highlights from the day:

This gorilla posed like we were the paparazzi

Seriously, he was working his angles

Yuri the tiger enjoying the shade on a hot day

Ever wonder what it looks like when an elephant gets a pedicure? It looks like this.

Crossing the Bronx River

Subway station stained glass

Stained glass up close

Justin and I will be out of town the next two weekends, so it was great to spend a full weekend enjoying some of the awesome events and attractions NYC has to offer! Meanwhile, as I write this post, I am enjoying the couch and the air conditioning. :)